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About Maryann Farrugia

Born: 1969
Language: English, Maltese
Hometown: Melbourne VIC, Australia
Interests: Travel, New Technology, History
Expertise: Business Development and Management, Sales, SaaS
Also Knows: Marketing Strategy, Lead Generation, B2B, Product Marketing, Territory Management, Cloud Computing

Events: 2014 Globalink Annual Meeting | AFIF 2015 Conference
Press: OBP-Telstra Partnership | OBP-WiseTech Global Partnership

Brief Biography

Maryann Farrugia is the founder and CEO of Vixen Internet Solutions. She is also the hardworking Managing and Sales Director for Offshore Business Processing and Axiem Corporation (Philippines). She is a very passionate self-starter. Her perseverance and dedication clearly resonates well beneath her strong sense of leadership. Aside from her daily routine with her inner circle, Maryann Farrugia loves connecting to people socially on the web, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Crunchbase. Even in her very busy schedule, she always make sure to find time to travel around the world and share good moments with some precious people

Vixen Internet Solutions is a Melbourne-based digital agency which offers competitive web solution packages like web design, programming and internet marketing services for all types of businesses and brands alike. Pangaea is one of the most efficient freight management software utilized by international supply chain giants like Mapcargo International, Vanguard Logistics, BR International and many more.

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